Planning a trip to the beautiful islands of the Bahamas? Getting a local SIM card is essential to stay connected while exploring this Caribbean paradise. As the leading telecom provider in the Bahamas, BTC Bahamas offers tourists several excellent SIM card options to choose from.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about getting a BTC Bahamas SIM card for your upcoming Bahamas vacation, including:

btc bahamas sim card

I. Quick Facts about BTC Bahamas

BTC Bahamas (Bahamas Telecommunications Company) is the primary telecommunications service provider in the Bahamas. Some key facts about BTC Bahamas include:

  • State-owned incumbent operator with over 100 years of service
  • Provides mobile, fixed line, broadband and TV services
  • Has over 300,000 mobile subscribers – vast majority of Bahamian mobile users
  • Uses GSM, HSPA+ and LTE technology on 900/1700/2100 MHz bands
  • Launched LTE-Advanced network in Nassau in 2018, expanding coverage nationwide
  • Received Mobile Innovation Award for 4G LTE-A deployment and fiber network upgrades
  • Rated as Bahamas’ fastest mobile network in independent speed tests

With island-wide 4G LTE coverage, fast speeds and competitive rates for tourists, BTC Bahamas is the top choice for a visitor SIM card in the Bahamas.

II. Why BTC Bahamas When You’re Exploring Bahamas – Coverage and Speed

1. BTC Network Coverage in the Bahamas

BTC Bahamas provides excellent nationwide mobile coverage spanning over 700 islands and cays that make up the Bahamas archipelago. Its newly upgraded LTE-Advanced network now covers around 98% of the population – including major islands like New Providence, Grand Bahama, Abaco, Eleuthera, Exuma and more.

In addition to widespread 4G service, BTC’s 3G and 2G networks fill remaining gaps, ensuring you stay connected wherever your Bahamas travels take you. With BTC Bahamas, you can share photos from world-famous beaches one minute then stream HD video from a secluded cay the next.

2. BTC Bahamas Speed

Independent third-party speed tests confirm BTC Bahamas offers the fastest 4G speeds in the country. Its LTE-Advanced network averages download speeds of 45 Mbps in populated areas like Nassau and Freeport – on par with speeds from top carriers in the U.S.

Even when enjoying remote Family Islands, average speeds stay highly usable at around 18 Mbps. With premium BTC plans offering up to double 4G data, streaming, video calls and large downloads are no problem. Congestion rarely slows BTC’s network thanks to continual upgrades and excess capacity requirements.

For jetsetting Bahamas visitors needing swift, reliable connectivity for business or pleasure, BTC delivers in spades.

III. BTC Connectivity Options for Travelers to Bahamas

Option Cost (per month) Description
BTC Fiber Ranges from $84.99 to $145.00 +VAT per month depending on the plan. Offers significantly higher speeds up to 1Gbps or more.
Mobile Postpaid Plans start at $65+VAT Nationwide 4G LTE coverage. Unlimited talk, text and data.
Active Roaming Varies by carrier Allows using your home carrier abroad on BTC's network.
MiFi router $75 USB or WiFi hotspot for internet access without a local SIM.
Prepaid SIM Card Ranges from $4.00 to $42.00 (Inc VAT) depending on the plan. Offers several prepaid mobile plans and data only plans.

Most visitors opt for the prepaid tourist SIM for maximum flexibility. However, frequent visitors may consider a postpaid plan for premium features and loyalty perks from BTC.

Increasingly, eSIM connectivity is also available for compatible phones, removing the need to obtain a physical SIM card during your trip.

IV. Best BTC Bahamas SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Prepaid SIM Card

BTC’s Prepaid Tourist SIM Card is specially designed for visitors with competitive calling rates and an included 7GB data allowance.

The standard prepaid pack offers:

  • 7GB high-speed data
  • 75 local talk minutes
  • 50 text messages
  • 7-day validity

Price: ~$49 USD

For longer stays, tourists can purchase validity extension and data bolt-on packages after activating the initial plan.

With widespread coverage, strong speeds and great value, the BTC Prepaid Tourist SIM is the top choice for visitors needing connectivity across the Bahamas islands.

V. Does BTC Support eSIM in the Bahamas?

Yes! As of 2022, BTC launched new eSIM support for Apple iPhone and Google Pixel devices in the Bahamas.

The eSIM profile is directly downloaded to compatible phones using a QR code – no physical SIM card required. Users can enjoy full prepaid or postpaid plan capabilities via eSIM exactly like a regular SIM.

An eSIM is perfect for destinations like the Bahamas where avoiding damage or losing a tiny SIM card is a major perk. Multi eSIM phone users also benefit from easier account switching and dual standby mode activations when desired.

VI. Where can You Buy a BTC Bahamas SIM card and eSIM?

Visitors have several convenient ways to purchase BTC Bahamas SIM cards or eSIM profiles on arrival:

1. Where to Buy BTC Bahamas SIM Cards

Physical BTC prepaid SIM cards are sold at Nassau or Freeport airports after clearing customs and multiple BTC branches and top-up shops around various islands. Bring your unlocked phone, passport for identity verification and payment method to purchase.

Alternatively, many hotels, resorts and rental providers offer free SIM card distribution as a guest convenience. Check with your booking provider in advance to save an airport or store stop if cards provided gratis.

2. Where to Buy BTC eSIM in the Bahamas?

For eSIM, no need to locate a store. Simply connect to WiFi and visit BTC’s tourist eSIM webpage. Follow prompts to generate your secure QR code which activates your plan instantly after scanning on a compatible iPhone or Pixel.

BTC also provides Apple business Chat integration allowing iMessage users to chat for support activating eSIM profiles. Alternatively call or WhatsApp their helpful tourist line to setup service remotely.

No delays sourcing physical SIMs! With BTC eSIM, your Bahamas connection is ready whenever you touch down.

VII. Bahamas BTC Call & SMS Rates

BTC prepaid plans include an initial domestic and international call/text allowance. Usage beyond the base inclusion incurs standard rated charges:


  • Local calls: $0.46 per minute
  • Calls to North America: $1.34 per minute
  • Calls to other countries: the rate may vary


  • Local SMS: $0.05 per message
  • Int’l SMS: $0.65 per message

Affordable call packages are available as add-ons if heavier usage is expected. BTC also offers WiFi calling capabilities on iPhone/Android to reduce standard call rates when data is available.

Overall, BTC prepaid costs for moderate calling and texting stay quite reasonable for visitors.

VIII. Useful USSD Codes for BTC Bahamas SIM Cards

Here are some essential BTC Bahamas USSD access codes worth adding to your phone contacts to monitor usage and purchase add-ons:

  • *124# – Check account balance & credit details
  • *125*4# – Buy BTC TopUp+ Data Bolt-Ons up to 2GB
  • *888# – Purchase additional minutes, texts or data
  • *777# – Activate roaming packs

Quickly check balances or extend service via handy codes. Avoid Unexpected high bills or overages during your trip.

IX. How to Top-up BTC Bahamas SIM Cards

Multiple convenient options exist to add more minutes, texts or gigabytes during your stay:

  • TopUp+ App (or website): BTC’s official mobile app for secure PIN-protected top-ups any time
  • Top-up shops: Find thousands of retail stores/kiosks across Bahamas islands
  • Online: Major credit/debit cards accepted for instant top-ups at MyBTC Account
  • Vouchers: Purchase scratch card codes from BTC stores and partners

Whenever your usage approaches plan limits, a few taps in the TopUp+ app or local shop visit restores full speeds/connectivity quickly.

X. FAQs about BTC Bahamas SIM Cards

Does BTC offer free SIM card delivery?

Some resorts and rental providers included free BTC SIM card delivery for guests. Otherwise obtain it in airport shops or local BTC branches yourself. eSIM activation avoids any delivery requirements.

Can I use my existing number on BTC Bahamas?

Yes, BTC supports bringing your phone number via mobile number portability given some conditions. This works for certain international carriers – discuss options with BTC tourist support for eligibility.

Does BTC work with iPhone eSIM capabilities?

Yes, BTC launched eSIM support for iPhone models XS and newer allowing Apple device users to activate BTC cell service without a physical SIM card.

How can I track my data usage?

Check data balances by dialing *124# or through the MyBTC account dashboard and BTC TopUp+ app. Get alerts nearing monthly limits or add bolt-on packs to continue enjoying BTC’s fast 4G LTE speeds.

What network bands are used by BTC Bahamas?

TC utilizes common frequency bands suitable for most unlocked phones:
4G LTE Band 1 (2100MHz), Band 3 (1800MHz), Band 7 (2600MHz)
3G UMTS Band 1 (2100MHz) + Band 2 (1900MHz)
GSM 900/1800MHz
Confirm your device has at least 3G for reliable voice/text and 4G for high-speed data.

XI. Final Words

A BTC Bahamas SIM card or eSIM provides the best way to stay connected across the islands with excellent coverage, speeds and tourist plan value. Just activate and enjoy worry-free mobile access adding minutes, texts or data as needed.

With this guide’s help understanding all BTC SIM options, carriers, pricing and more, picking the right plan for your Bahamas trip is simple. Stay tuned to loved ones from gorgeous beaches and share vacation memories seamlessly with BTC’s leading service!